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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The Association is not responsible for the individual mailbox locks or keys.  Please contact your local locksmith to obtain a new lock and/or key for your mailbox.  You can also do the work yourself by purchasing a lock at any hardware store.  If you do not know your mailbox number, contact your local post office.

“A basal shoot, root sprout, adventitious shoot, water sprout or sucker is a shoot or cane which grows from a bud at the base of a tree or shrub or from its roots. This shoot then becomes, or takes the form of, a singular plant. A plant that produces suckers is referred to as surculose. Root suckers may emerge some distance from the originating plant such as in Rhus spp, some Prunus species and Embothrium species. Suckers also may arise from the stumps of trees that have been cut down. Suckers arising from an unwanted tree stump can be controlled with herbicides such as glyphosate. This kills the entire plant, including suckers and roots”.


  • Spider webs forming on various areas of the vehicle
  • Flat tire(s)
  • Sitting in the same place & position during multiple inspections
  • Looks filthy and not taken care of
  • Does not have current registration tags

Please remember that inoperable vehicles are not allowed in driveways or on the streets.

Homeowners may come to Preferred Communities office to purchase and pickup these items.  We can also ship the items to you for an additional fee.  Please note – your account(s) must be current.

Landscaping is required for all residential front yards and street side yards visible from neighboring properties, streets, and common areas.  Landscaping and irrigation improvements shall be installed in accordance with plans approved in writing by the Architectural Committee. There is a minimum standard of landscaping required in the front yards of each lot.  Please refer to your community’s CC&R’s to confirm the landscaping requirements.

Arizona State Legislature passed a new law affecting Homeowner Associations and the use of coupon books (A.R.S. §33-1256 / A.R.S. §33-1807).

Beginning January 1, 2020, Homeowners Associations are no longer able to utilize payment coupon books, rather, an account statement must be mailed to you identifying outstanding charges, the current amount due, due date, and late fees charged if payments are not received by the due date.

The inspector may cite you for lack of “lawn maintenance”.  Often times this verbiage pertains to a dying lawn.  To correct the issue we suggest the following:

  • Overseeding your lawn
  • Lay down sod
  • Change the landscaping – ie. grass to gravel

To change your lawn from grass to gravel, please submit an Architectural Request form.

The homeowner must submit a request in writing. You can email the request to

  • Mail a check or money order to PO Box 65493, Phoenix, AZ  85082-5493.  Be sure to write your account number on your check/money order.
  • To make an online payment, go to your Resident Portal.

Changes to your mailing address can be made online by accessing your Resident Portal.  You can also submit your request by clicking on “Mailing Address Update” under “Homeowner Resources”.

Due to privacy laws, we are unable to release personal information about another homeowner or Board Member without their consent.  This includes phone numbers, email addresses, etc.  If you would like to speak to a member of the Board, please put your request in writing and we will forward the message on your behalf.

Please contact our office to find out when the next meeting is scheduled.  If you would like to add something to the agenda, you must let us know in advance so that we have ample time get your item added.

You must submit your request in writing.  This can be submitted via fax or email.

This often occurs when the battery runs low.  If you’ve had the gate remote for several years, it could just be natural wear & tear.  New remotes can be purchased through Preferred Communities.  The gate remotes have nothing to do with the gate code changes.

Information on the appeal process can be found by clicking “Appeal Process” under “Homeowner Resources”.

You may do the following if you believe you were mistakenly cited:

  • Submit an appeal to the Board of Directors.  Appeal requests must be in writing by either the owner or any person designated by the owner.
  • Provide us with evidence by sending us pictures, documentation, etc. pertaining to the violation to prove it was not related to your property.

Please refer to the Governing Documents for your community. If you don’t have this information handy, go to “Homeowner Resources” on the menu.

In general, an architectural request is required whenever you are making changes that are visible from the street.  This also pertains to the backyard if something is visible over the fence line.  This includes but is not limited to landscaping, painting, decorative items, doors & windows, screens, and play structures.

Complaints must be in writing and can be submitted by email, fax or US Mail.  Per Arizona Law (A.R.S. §33-1242 and A.R.S. §33-1803) complaints cannot be anonymous.  The Association must provide your first and last name if this information is requested.  To submit a complaint, click on “Report a Violation” under “Homeowner Resources”.