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Does your Community Manager bring the secret ingredient of “Loving Where You Live” to your community?

When we established ourselves in November 2005 we vowed to provide communities in Arizona the one on one attention they deserve. Our approach provides us an opportunity to make strides in the industry and provide individualized customer service “after the sale” not just during the bid process. Preferred Communities team members understand first-hand how important personalized management and a dedicated board are for the success of every community.

Preferred Communities provides consistent management services focusing on low turnover of staff, thereby reducing the transition from one community manager to another. We believe this creates dependable management of the community while realizing the benefits of longevity and knowledge for years to come.

Our team at Preferred Communities brings a combined 48 years of experience in customer service, home inspections, collections, communications, accounting and all areas of community association management.

Preferred Communities has a fresh and unique approach to community management, whether it’s a small condominium community or a large master-planned community; we bring integrity, passion, and innovation to each community we manage, we bring our motto, “Loving Where You Live”, to life.